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In our school we have fully implemented modern 21st century pedagogy, therefore train our students to acquire the key competencies and thus find employment and success in today's world. The contract relations arisen before the effective date of these General Business Terms and Conditions remain vyrizeni pujcky and are governed by the business terms and conditions valid when the contract relations were made.

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Personal Data Privacy 6. How do we teach?

Friendly and relaxed; hostels make the perfect base for nomads.

Validity and Effectiveness 7. Process of Ordering Services and Payment for them 4. The prices shown by individual Accommodation Facilities are indicative only and are not binding until booking is confirmed finally by the Provider mailing the Domaci pujcky v hotovosti na op jen ostrava centrum Voucher.

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The cancellation terms are regulated by the Accommodation Facility itself; if the credit card guarantee is applied, costs of the first night will be charged in case of no-show. Valid wording of these General Business Terms and Conditions is available in the registered seat of the Hotel.

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Ordering The Client expresses his interest in the service by mailing the Inquiry Form. Cancellation Policy and Complaints 5. Prior to mailing the binding confirmation, the Provider informs the Client about the final price and - when approved by the Client - order of the services becomes binding. June We have got Berdík! We grow herbs and other plants in this unique compost and we maintain….

Education for the 21st Century Pupils are encouraged to act independently, employing skills such as critical thinking, communication, whilst having respect and tolerance for different ideas and individuals. Complaints about quality of accommodation and services rendered by the Accommodation Facility shall be raised directly in the Accommodation Facility.

These General Business Terms and Conditions become valid and effective on The consent shall be directly or implicitly expressed by the customer by continuing in a phone conversation with an employee of the Hotel.

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The Client shall inform the Provider about all changes of the booking or about its cancellation in writing. During the process of confirmation of the booking the Client is informed about the requested guarantee by the credit card or about the advance payment. The price depends on the chosen term, number of persons and on other parameters specified by the Client in the Inquiry Form.

Individual work with students Small groups of students in classes allow for an individual approach combined with modern teaching methods. Řeznická 7, 01 Liberec, tel.: If the customer does not unsubscribe from additional information and news, we have a legitimate interest in believing that he wants to continue to receive similar offers.

The contract relation between the Hotel.